Focusing on Getting Healthy and Fit

Sometimes my body is my worst enemy. It prevents me doing the things I want to do, where to go, and when to do it. My fitness places me in a bad situation. My health can limit the time I can do things. Being healthy and fit can enable me to do more things, give me the time to do more, and keep me out of trouble.

It bothers me that I couldn’t keep up with my brothers while hiking above the tree line while a nasty storm rolled in when we hiked the Presidential Traverse. If it weren’t for my lack of fitness, we would have made it safely to the Lakes of the Clouds hut or the Mount Washington observation station. Instead, we hiked through high winds, rain, and thunder.

I’ve been concerned about my health due to a knowledge of health care statistics and family history. history. My family has a known history of cardiovascular disease. An uncle lost his fight with cancer. I lost a lot of years early in my life for various reasons. I can’t get that time back but I can put myself in a good position to live a long and fulfilling life by reducing my risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other medical conditions that could shorten or reduce the quality of my life.

Getting healthy and fit is a process of developing healthy lifestyle habits. It takes time and energy to develop these habits. I am investing the time and energy now so I can take advantage of the how the benefits compounds itself. The more I put into it now, the great health and fitness I will receive in the future. Maintaining good health in the future requires smaller investments.

My focus is on changing my body composition so I can be healthy and reach my fitness goals. My intend to eliminate an average of one pound of excess weight a week until my waist size reaches thirty four inches. I will accomplish this through a combination of exercise and a healthy diet.

I really want to get my health and fitness in order this year. I do not want to be drudging through the end of an activity like hiking riding. I do not want to run my runs and endurance events into death marches. I want to spend more quality time exploring and accomplishing things joyfully. I want to do more than what my body currently allows me to do.

What would you like to do or accomplish if you become healthier and have better fitness?

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A New Chapter in an Old Book

A new chapter begins and another closes after a long winding journey filled with ups and downs. I traveled a long winding road. I learned a lot from the dark days and pleasant days. The new chapter is a story of synthesizing everything I learned from the past to create a stable base and build a solid foundation.  It’s a story of simplifying and contracting in order to expand, grow, and live. This is about living my life based on my values and dreams. This is no longer a life to satisfy other people’s dreams, aspirations, and expectations for me.

I spent too many years living a life that people wanted to live.  It was crushing and unhappy.  I did what I thought was expected of me even though my spirit thought there was a better way and there was something more. I never lived the life I wanted to live and struggled mightily.  I’ve accumulated regrets of things I didn’t do. A sadness washes over me because I didn’t live my life based on my values and dreams. I tried to live a life that I thought my family wanted me to live and what I thought would make my family proud.  I struggled and failed because it wasn’t me. It wasn’t who I am. It wasn’t who I want to be.

Life is too precious and too short to live a life that’s not yours.  It becomes a life full of regrets and frustration. Death brings live into perspective.  We never know when or how we will die.  It can be today or eighty years from now.  When I die how will I be remembered?  What will I leave behind? How will I have loved and be loved?  Who will be around me?  Will I have lived a well lived life?

I don’t like the portrait I’ve painted for myself.  I feel like I squandered precious time on an endeavor that wasn’t dear to my heart and core to who I am.  It’s time to learn from the past and allow it to remain in the past.  “Live today,” tell myself. “Move towards tomorrow.”

The previous chapter in a story builds to create the next chapter.  Today is yesterday’s future and tomorrow’s past.  The present is the working space to craft my new life. This chapter marks the moment when I clear my workspace, create a plan, and prepare a solid foundation to build my life on.

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